A New Website and a trip to Italy

I now have a beautiful new website thanks to the talent and diligent work of Kate Sondag. Thank you very much!

795447_5be0d64458fd45508608e0fd4ad72cb4This past May, Helena and I completed an epic trip to Italy. Most of our time was spent in the Sienna region of Tuscany. We stayed with some friends at an estate la Foce that was made famous by the writings of owner Iris Origo. Of particular interest to us was a book, A War in Val d’Orcia, drawn from her diaries during WWII.

I painted a bit and explored, found where to go for a more extended stay, made many contacts for another time and had a blast.

Of particular educational experience was our time in Rome. We really enjoyed the visit to the National Gallery of Modern Art, 19th century and revisiting Michaelangelo’s Moses. I am planning a rooftop painting of the city from near Plaza de Popolo looking around panoramically from the rooftop bar of the First Art Hotel, and a large piece looking at Pienza from Monteciello, the whole valley infused in light and atmospheric effect.


West Fraser

West Fraser

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