Often people ask how long it takes for West to finish a painting. It’s a fun question, well no, not really. I once heard him answer the question with what was basically a mathmatic word problem. It was something like this: I’ve been painting all my life, so let’s say 50 years plus a few days, maybe a few months, plus a few hours, plus another few days, plus a year or so, plus an hour or so for stretching canvas and maybe a few extra hours for contemplation.

Below is the progression of a recent commission which has the distinction of being the largest painting West has done to date–54″ x 72″. I like to call it ‘BDP’ which stands for big damn painting, he hasn’t named it as of this blog. Who votes for BDP!

Approximately Day 10 or so


Maybe around 30 days in?


Now we are talking years….


Happy artist with almost finished painting


And now we’ve reached approximatley 55 years. Phew.


And that’s how long it takes to paint a painting.

West Fraser

West Fraser

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