“…West Fraser paints with light—the radiance of early morning, the glare of high noon, the glow of day’s end and the mystery of moonlight—to create brilliant works of color and form. He takes what we see everyday, something that seems ordinary, and makes it worthy of fine art.”

– Jean Stern, Executive Director, The Irvine Museum, Irvine, CA



From Field to Finish

There is a lot of talk about plein aire painting, but what exactly does it mean? Borrowed from the French, to paint ‘en plein aire’ literally translates to ‘open air,’ it refers to painting outside, on location, in all kinds of weather.



And into the fray we go….

2016’s got me like…. Things here at West Fraser Studio are busy. Busy with new commissions, busy with a new intern, busy with building a bigger, better website, and busy with planning a book tour.

West Fraser

West Fraser

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